Every year I attend a sci-fi fandom convention with my boyfriend.  In 2014, they had a lot of wonderful arts and crafts panels and I was fortunate enough to attend one on lanyard making.  They offered several different styles…beading, friendship and kumihimo.  I selected the kumihimo and learned about this traditional form of Japanese rope-making.  One use was by samurai who used these cords as both a functional, and decorative, way to lace their armor.  In addition, families had their own design/color that was specific to them.  They would tie packages up with the cords, and people would be able to tell who they came from.  In present day, they are used as ties and jackets and kimono sashes.  I found kumihimo to be very relaxing, and quickly became addicted!  While doing some research on supplies, projects and more advanced techniques, it was suggested to keep a notebook on projects as they were completed.  Basically, keep track of what braiding material was used, what the starting length was, what the ending length was, what clasps were used, etc.  I figured, what better way to keep track of all this information, and include the pattern and final pictures, then to create a blog.  So presto, Artsy Fartsy Turtle was born!


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